Download interaction predictions

These interactome files contain our genome-wide catRAPID interaction prediction scores, as described in the About section.




Supporting tables

To obtain the exact sequences we used, please click the UniProt, GENCODE and Ensembl release numbers above. Please note that a small number of these sequences needed to be excluded from RNAct due to limitations of our algorithm: short or extreme length (proteins ≤50 aa or >14,507 aa, RNAs ≤50 nt or >28,227 nt), or unsuccessful RNA secondary structure prediction using the ViennaRNA package which catRAPID relies on internally.

* GENCODE "basic" contains a selected subset of the transcriptome: "The transcripts tagged as 'basic' form part of a subset of representative transcripts for each gene. This subset prioritises full-length protein coding transcripts over partial or non-protein coding transcripts within the same gene, and intends to highlight those transcripts that will be useful to the majority of users." (GENCODE FAQ, no. 4)

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